Wide Angle View

The optics is built of quality improved glasses. With a viewing angle of 135°, it provides a sufficient overview of the traffic situation. The fisheye effect is very small compared to many other car cameras in the low price segment.

Thanks to the high light transmission and large aperture of F2.0 also scenes with low light conditions – for example in the evening twilight or night – have crips details and good quality.

CPL Filter

The polarizing filter allows the reduction of reflections in the windscreen, which are caused by the cockpit. The reflections of the cockpit details, for example vents or bright objects on the dashboard, can cover important details such as licence plates or street signs.

In the german version of “mini 0806” a CPL Polarizing Filters is already included.

HDR Video

The new OmniVision video sensor “OV4989” provides the technical basis for creation of a true HDR images. Compared to conventional WDR technology two differently exposed images are settled at a video frame. These “high dynamic range” videos recording more details in dark and light areas compared to “wide dynmaic range” video.

The HDR video stored in FullHD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution at 30 frames per second.

The video data is compressed using the latest H264 codec and saved as MP4 (*.MOV) file. The result is beautiful and can be played on many modern players (TV memory slot, laptop, PC, mobile phone).

256 GB Memory

There are two memory card slots available. Each can accommodate 128 GB of microSDXC memory. So there is a huge storage capacity of 256 GB for video recordings.

This corresponds to a recording time of approximately 40 hours at FullHD best quality.

GPS Receiver

The GPS receiver is discreetly placed in the ultraflat mount. This is also a good position directly on the windshild with a clear view to the sky.

The position data updates are done one time per second (1Hz). The user has the choice of display the speed and GPS coordinates in the video. The GPS data stream is also stored separately on memory using the popular NMEA format.


The mounting bracket is reduced to a absolute minimum of size to support an easy and stealthy installation. The Installation will be done with very strong adhesive pads.

To compensate for the curvature of the windshield in the hoizontal direction, small platelets with 2° and 4° are included in delivery.

The iTracker mini-0806 can be swiveled vertically. In conjunction with the small platelets the car camera can be accurately aligned to the roadszene.

“Stealth” Case

The installed Mini 0806 is very unobtrusive and almost invisible – contributing to the very small housing dimensions. Logos, labels or other “conspicuous” features has been omitted in visible range.

Only the “German” version of the Mini 0806 has the extra matt surface finish, which reduce reflections on the body of the dashboard camera.


Despite the tiny size of the camera, a 1.5″ TFT display has been integrated.

The display of the german “Pro” version is protected behind a transparent plate, which seals the complete control of the back too.

Menue Language

In dependency of the country language, where the Mini 0806 is available, the menu has the local language installed. For example english language in US and UK, russian language in Russia, german language in germany.


It comes with a software included, to play easily the recorded dashcam video and simultaneously identify the location of the vehicle at Google Maps. Also, data such as speed and GPS coordinates are displayed together with the video.

For example if the driver was flashed or marked by police, he may afterwards check his speed and also the signs on the route again.